Happy International Women’s Day – 8th March – With My Home Victims

I am loving my iPhone 4s! I’m sorry now that I only got 16 gig.. its almost full with photos..

The Spring is coming .. although it may not seem that way to you now, if you are living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Outside is dark, gloomy.. and snowy! We had a full day of snow yesterday after a whole week of Spring. But I know its not going to last, so I’m not worried at all.

Few days ago Philip and I got those two beauties (below) together with some hyacinths, which I’m still waiting to blossom – don’t worry .. you’ll see those too. They are all planted hoping to be able to enjoy them longer and to plant them in the garden for next year (and when we complete the purchase of the plot).

So,  it’s 8th of March – the International Women’s Day and I wanted to share my home victims with you (as Philip lovingly calls my plants).

Ladies these are for you! Happy International Women’s Day!



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